The Cheap Domain Reseller

If You Want to Sell Domain Names, Here are the Cheap Ways to Become Domain Reseller

If domain registration costs $35 with Network Solutions, why is it so cheap with "discount" resellers?

Question: What is the trade-off? What does the customer give up by paying only, say, per year for a .com domain? Some small webhosts even add domain registration FOR FREE when you sign up for webhosting packages as little as per year. What’s up with THAT?

Answer: From your cheap domain reseller query above, why not try Godaddy. They give free hosting with every domain registration.

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  1. spkmymind

     /  February 28, 2011

    Other companies may have slimmer profit margins, trying to break into the business, have better business model, etc.

    You really have to look into which services a registrar offers and how important they are to you.

    My experience, however, is that the price of registration does not generally determine which features you get. You may get many features included with cheaper guys, while "brand names" will charge extra for them. For example, landing pages, email forwarding, etc.